SAVE When You Inspire Family and Friends to Embrace Liberty This Christmas!

Sometimes those around us don’t understand our zeal for liberty—-and that can be pretty uncomfortable.  But what if you could change that with a simple $19.95 gift this Christmas.  Would it be worth it to you?

I wrote Healing to share the good news of liberty with Christians, environmentalists, pragmatists, liberals, and those in the personal empowerment movement. In easy-to-read prose, Healing shows how liberty enriches the poor, protects the environment, deters crime, and defuses terrorism.

I’ve lost count of how many people come up to me at conventions and tell me that they just didn’t “get” liberty until a family member or friend gave them a copy of Healing. “If someone explained libertarianism to me this way in the beginning, I’d have joined the movement a long time ago!” they usually confide.

But Healing isn’t just for family and friends. If you’ve ever been at a loss when someone asks, “How would this work in a libertarian society?”, you’ll probably want a copy for yourself too.  The 2015 edition of Healing has over 1300 citations of how liberty works in the toughest testing ground of all—the real world.

Healing retails for $29.95 and is only $24.95 here on my website.  Now, until Christmas, you can get an additional $5 off on your order, so you only pay $19.95 per copy. Volume discounts are also available, making it easy to show friends and family how liberty gives them just what the season is for:  peace on earth and goodwill to all. Click here to order now.

However you celebrate Christmas this year, I’ll be thinking of you and your dedication to making our world a better place!  Have a merry one!


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