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Great Talks series with Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. and Raymond R. Carr, R.Ph. Each volume offers 2 great talks.

Contains all 9 Volumes.
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1.) Industrial Hemp: The Hidden Agenda Behind the War on Drugs. Raymond R. Carr, a registered pharmacist, suggests that the War on Drugs is really a war on a plant that could save the planet!

2.) How Liberty Can Save the Environment. Environment. Dr. Ruwart demonstrates that liberty, not government, is the environment’s best friend. Recorded live at the 1999 ISIL World Conference in Costa Rica.

Preview of the Industrial Hemp Talk

Preview of the Environment Talk

1.) Libertarianism Is the Most Compassionate and Caring Philosophy By role-playing a discussion with liberals, Dr. Ruwart shows how liberty can end racism, poverty, and oppression. Recorded live at the 1995 Advocates for Self-Government Summit.

2.) Unity Through Community. Presented at the 1989 Libertarian Party National Convention, Dr. Ruwart suggests that extraordinary respect for each other attracts attention to our message.

1.) Healing Our World through Wealth Creation. Dr. Ruwart shows how we can heal the gap between rich and poor with the increased wealth creation that liberty engenders. Recorded live at the 1996 ISIL World Conference.

2.) How Changing Our Beliefs Changes Our World. Dr. Ruwart explains how taxation, regulation, and restriction of physician-assisted suicide violate separation of church and state. Recorded live at the Unity Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1994.

1.) Why Judgment Is Not Libertarian: Dr. Ruwart uses her mother’s near death experience to illustrate why a judgmental approach to libertarianism sabotages our principles and Party.Recorded live at the 1991 National Libertarian Party Convention.

2.) How to Transform Bleeding-Heart Liberals into Die-Hard Libertarians. Dr. Ruwart shares her insights into her own transformation from liberal to libertarian. Recorded live at the 1999 Advocates for Self-Government 15th Anniversary Celebration.

1.)The FDA’s War on Your Health: How Government Regulations Kill–An Insider’s Perspective. Draws on Dr. Ruwart’s 25 years in health care and her sister Martie’s assisted suicide to document the needless suffering caused by the FDA. Recorded at the 1993 ISIL World Conference, Estonia.

2.)How Fully Informed Juries Can Help Heal Our World. Shows how juries allow peaceful revolutions to transform society. Recorded live at the 1998 FIJAConIV.

1.)What Would a Libertarian Society Look Like? Dr. Ruwart describes how liberty would make us healthy, wealthy, and wise! Recorded live at the 2000 North Carolina LP Convention.

2.)Short Answers to the Tough Questions. Dr. Ruwart explains how to put libertarian answers into sound bytes that make your listeners beg for more! Recorded live at the 1997 Ohio LP Convention.

1.) Poverty and Freedom in the Third World. Dr. Ruwart demonstrates how the Third World could become rich by adopting libertarian ideals. Recorded live at the 2002 ISIL World Conference.

2.)Does Liberty Have a Chance? If you’re discouraged thinking that Big Brother just can’t be beaten, Dr. Ruwart will give you hope! Recorded live at the CA LP convention, 2001.

1.)  How Liberty Defends Our Nation, Our Poor, and Our Minorities. Dr. Ruwart shows how liberty protects us from all kinds of threats, both foreign and domestic. Recorded live at the 2003 North Carolina LP Convention.

2.) Why a Libertarian World Is Inevitable. Dr. Ruwart explains how Nature pushes us towards embracing libertarianism at the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Inspiring! Recorded live at the 2002 North Carolina LP Convention.

1.) Liberty Works. Dr. Ruwart claims that liberty works so universally because it is morally right. She also suggests that the proof that liberty is right is that it does work so well in improving the plight of humankind. Recorded live at the 1997 Ohio LP Convention.

2.) Love and Liberty. Dr. Ruwart explains why a libertarian society, even if attained, is unlikely to survive without universal love becoming a cherished cultural value.Recorded live at the 2005 Missouri LP Convention.

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