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“That book turned my head around completely, it was the ‘AHA’ for me.” −Eris Pandora

“Mary Ruwart’s Healing our World is great. It puts things in a context that everyone can understand. I had my son, a freshman in high school, read the book. It should be in schools; it shows how unfair government policies are and why.” −Greg James

“Healing Our World explained libertarianism to me at age 13. I’ve been an activist ever since.” −Mike Finger

“After showing Healing Our World to my girlfriend, who was Progressive liberal at the time, it moved her all the way into spectrum-libertarianism, which IMO is quite the accomplishment.” −Steve Lolyouwish

Healing Our World is amongst my favorite books of all time! It is one of the essential pieces that I use to promote the cause of liberty.” −Slik Nikki

“You book, Healing Our World, has had a major role in my life view. I read the last edition on your website and then bought ten copies last year. Nine went out as Christmas gifts.” −Jesse Taggart

“She (Dr. Mary Ruwart) literally wrote the book on libertarianism.” −Jim Fulner

Healing Our World by Mary J. Ruwart is a great book to read to help you understand the non-aggression principle and how you can apply it.”  –TJ Lawrence

“Just yesterday I gave a copy of Healing Our World to someone I had just met. When he offered a return timeframe, I asked, that if it affected him in a tenth of the way it affected me, to please pass it along to someone he loved. That information, those ideas and concepts MUST be proliferated in the general public. That is worth hyper-exponentially more than the cost of the book. Thank you for compiling it and presenting it in a manner that cannot be refuted.” −Kurt J. Hildebrandt

“Mary J. Ruwart’s book Healing Our World is a brilliant book which I think of often. It shows how−when voters support politicians and policies which appeal to human vices such as envy and unjust confiscation−the voters are saddled with government policies which injure them as well as harming the innocent targets of the greed and coveting.” −Michael Holasek

“The biggest impression I came away with after reading Healing Our World, was that there are truly real world liberty solutions to our community problems rather than incessantly appealing to the government to fix every issue. The numerous examples in the book, from her own experiences, are what convinced me that there is hope for smaller government solutions and have inspired me to seek those out in the world around me.”  −Mark Eckert

“But most of all, your book (Healing Our World) really drove home the point that government is nothing but a violent organization whose only ‘solutions’ are violent. We need to STOP the aggression so we can heal our world. Excellent read!”   −Doug Barbieri

“Mary is a classy, and beautiful, lady, and any of her books should be required reading for anyone considering the libertarian philosophy.” −Wayne Padgette

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