Endorsements for Death by Regulation

This is a must-read book if you care about your health.

– Jeff Kanter, co-Founder of My Academy of Health Excellence




A tremendous job documenting the history of the FDA’s crimes against humanity.

– Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation


Death by Regulation is one of the most important books of the 21st Century. The tragic impact of FDA regulations makes this a cause of life and death to all of us.
Ken Schoolland, Associate Professor of Economics at Hawaii Pacific University


Dr. Ruwart’s rigorous and hard-hitting analysis is a shocking eye-opener and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand why medical progress is so painfully slow in the United States.

– Kyle Varner, MD, Medical Director, Elite Locum Tenens LLC, Spokane, Washington


Death by Regulation is undoubtedly the most insightful and comprehensive analysis of the unintended consequences – and mind-numbing costs in terms of shortened lives and suffering – of the 1962 legislation.

– Bartley Madden, author of Free to Choose Medicine