Dr. Ruwart’s Issue Papers

Dr. Mary Ruwart has kindly made all of these papers available for free. Enjoy!

Consumer Protection

How would the consumer be protected without licensing laws? Without the FDA, who will keep greedy corporations from poisoning people for easy profits? Without government-mandated product recalls, who will make corporations repair their defective products? Who will test the water to make sure it is pure?

Deadly Secrets behind Soaring Pharmaceutical Prices

FDA regulations may be the most deadly regulations of all!  Dr. Ruwart explains why using her own experience as a pharmaceutical research scientist.


Question: “How would libertarians keep our air and water clean?”


Question: Isn’t government the best protector of the environment and our national parks? What steps would libertarians take in this arena?


Question: In a Libertarian society, what will keep the poor from starving in the streets? What about the homeless and the people who are handicapped? What proof is there that private charity will be sufficient?

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