Bonus #5

Dear Supporter,

Thank you so much for ordering my new book, Death by Regulation! It will ship on April 10 and you should receive it a few days later. If you haven’t received it by April 17, please go to my web site at, click on the “About” tab, and go to the Contact button. Leave me a message, so I can follow up on it.

One of your digital bonuses is a Kindle, epub, and searchable pdf of my award-winning international best-selling book, Healing Our World. Currently in its 4th edition, Healing shows how the Good Neighbor Policy that we learned as children, and unwittingly abandoned as adults, holds the key to the universal harmony and abundance that the world seeks. When I first learned what I wrote about in Healing, I could barely stop smiling. I hope you will feel the same way.

Please feel free to contact me through my website if you have questions or concerns. I would love to hear from you!

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D.

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