Help Put “Healing Our World” into University Classrooms!

Professor Tom Clark, at the University of Houston, wants to use 80 copies of Healing Our World in his two classes starting in January.  The books would be used in his International Marketing classes.

Because the college will not make the book a primary text, we need your help to raise the money to get the books in the hands of knowledge hungry students.

If you’ve read Healing Our World, you know what a powerful book it is.  The book makes a humanitarian case for free society, and many people have said the book changed their lives.  Dr. Ron Paul wrote the foreword for this new edition, so that will mean a lot to the students as well!

Professor Clark has been involved with the Texas Liberty Club for years, and is passionate about teaching his students about a free society.

If you can help purchase a book for his class, it will go much further than one person, as the books may be used many times.

If you help purchase 10 books at $130, we will give you a personally autographed copy of Healing Our World or Short Answers to the Tough Questions: How to Answer The Questions Libertarians Are Often Asked.  All donations are tax-deductible, since the co-publisher of Healing, the International Society for Individual Liberty, is sponsoring this fund-raising drive. Click here to donate! 

We hope you can help us purchase the books for Professor Clark’s classroom — it’s a powerful way to begin healing our world!

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