Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is made for lovers. I like to think that those who love liberty are some of the best lovers of all.

Real lovers won’t try to coerce you, manipulate you, or try to take your stuff. Real lovers care enough to give you the very best—freedom of choice.

Many people think that lovers of liberty are cold and uncaring, because they don’t support government intervention and taxation. Just the opposite is true.

Those who love liberty are championing the free market, which has lifted millions out of abject poverty. Those who love liberty know that property rights provide the best environmental protection. Those who love liberty understand that restitution, rather than incarceration, can heal the wounds caused by aggression. Those who love liberty realize that dismissing civilian casualties from our bombing overseas by calling them “collateral damage” is beyond cruel.

The words of love come easily to our lips, but actions speak so much louder. Today, I want to personally thank you for loving others enough to honor their choices.

Thank you for all you do for love and liberty!

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