Can This Event on Save Your Life?

Secrets to Preventing and Treating Disease in the Ever-Changing U.S. Health Care LandscapeISIL Health Event with 5 speakers

Without your health, it’s tough to live a happy, fulfilled life. With the changes in Obamacare, soaring pharmaceutical prices, and the regulatory pressures that favor treatment over prevention, our health is at risk. This one-day program on March 11, 2017, will inform you of little known changes in recent legislation and scientific knowledge that can help you not only survive, but thrive.

John Mackey
, founder of Whole Foods and Conscious Capitalism, will share his ideas on nutrition, supplements, and other aspects of healthy living. He’ll help you take responsibility for your part in keeping your body “whole.”

Starlee Coleman from the Goldwater Institute will be sharing the exciting new Right to Try legislation sweeping the nation state by state. Right to Try allows the terminally ill to bypass the FDA for access to cutting edge therapies. If you or your loved ones are threatened by a deadly disease, it may help you get tomorrow’s cures today!

Sally Pipes from the Pacific Research Institute will be updating us on the negative impact of Obamacare, an update on its repeal and replacement. Following Trump’s presidential victory, she will be updating us on the latest developments in the battle for repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  She will discuss her plan on the best way to achieve affordable, accessible, quality care for all Americans, and some workarounds to get you and your loved ones the best health care possible. This information could save you money and your life!

Dr. Mary Ruwart, Chair of Liberty International, shares her experience with the FDA, how it keeps life-saving information and medications from the American public, and how to find out where to go to get them. Some tests are even available right here in the U.S.—like blood tests for detecting cancer before scans can even see it—but your family doctor probably doesn’t even know about them.

Dr. Kyle Varner will share his experiences and tips for finding quality medical care outside of the United States, where it can be had for a fraction of the U.S. cost. “Medical tourism” is on the rise, because many cutting edge procedures are ONLY available offshore. Learn how you can get the best medical care that the world has to offer, instead of limiting yourself only to what the FDA and other government agencies approve.

The event will take place at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin, 3401 South IH-35, Austin, TX 78741, from 10 AM until 4 PM on March 11, 2017.  A delicious, nutritious lunch will be provided!

Early bird special is just $45 until February 1 and goes to $55 after that.  Student rate is $25.

The health information shared at this meeting will help you live longer and healthier. Don’t delay! Register TODAY by clicking this link!

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