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Dallas Buyer’s Club Illustrates How Regulations Kill

Back in March, Hollywood honored Matthew McConaughey with the Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie Dallas Buyer’s Club. Matthew plays Ron Woodroof, a real-life Texas electrician and rodeo rider, who discovers that he has contracted AIDS after sex with an infected drug user. The doctors tell him … [Read More...]

My Gift to You…

Christmas is a great time to give the gift of liberty to those we love. If you know someone who just can't seem to grasp how liberty helps the poor, saves the environment, creates abundance, and fosters world peace, think about giving them a copy of Healing Our World or Short Answers to the Tough … [Read More...]

Can We Keep Promises to Our Seniors Without Bankrupting Our Children and Grandchildren?

Baby-boomers are starting to retire.  They expect to receive Social Security since most of them have contributed to the program all of their lives.  They expect to receive Medicare benefits, because private insurers have been virtually driven from the retiree market.  These two programs alone … [Read More...]

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