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Open Letter to Texas Legislature on “Right to Try” Bill SB 694

SB 694 is a potentially life-saving bill. It recognizes the right to life of our terminally ill citizens by allowing them the Right to Try drugs, devices and biological products that have not yet completed the FDA’s regulatory process. Patients who take advantage of this opportunity might not … [Read More...]

Is Big Brother Shackling Our Free Press?

The Internet is the free press of the 21st century, giving us news from around the world at the speed of light. Knowledge is freely available on virtually any subject. Those of us who grew up without it can especially appreciate the quantum leap that the Internet provides. However, there are … [Read More...]

Please Help Me Choose a New Cover for “Healing Our World”

I'm running out of copies of the award-winning 2003 edition of Healing Our World. The book has been updated and new books will be available by late spring or early summer. In the meantime, I'd appreciate some pre-publication advice from you. The new edition needs an attractive, novel cover. I'm … [Read More...]

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